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Ready to start your own business?

Take our quiz to find out

How many people do you know who talk about trading in their cubicle, corner office, or sales route for a business of their own? Being your own boss is rewarding. But any small business owner will tell you that it’s hard work.

Before you hand in your resignation letter, take this quiz to find out if going out on your own is right for you. Just answer yes or no to each statement (we’ll give you the results at the end).

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Quiz Table
Blank Blank YES NO
1. I am persistent.
2. I need less sleep when I'm interested in a project.
3. When I want something, I keep my goals clearly in mind. 
4. I examine mistakes and learn from them.
5. I have new and different ideas.
6. I am adaptable.
7. I see problems as challenges.
8. I'll gamble on a good idea even if it isn't a sure thing.
9. I am intuitive.
10. I can recover from emotional setbacks.
11. I am curious.
12. I’m a positive person.
13. I like to learn new things and explore unfamiliar subjects.
14. I'm willing to make sacrifices to achieve long-term rewards.
15. I tend to rebel against authority.
16. I often enjoy being alone.
17. I have a reputation for being stubborn.
18. I like to be in control.
19. I experiment with new ways to do things.

Now it's time to see how you did.

If you answered yes to 15 or more statements, it might be time to make your break.

If you said yes to 10-14, be cautious. Talk to people who own a small business to see if you have what it takes.

If you said yes to 9 or fewer statements, you're probably better off working for someone else.
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