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A dad's money lesson for his four-year-old daughter

Lisa B.

For whatever reason-I call it a dad's intuition-my husband took it upon himself to begin teaching my daughter about money on her fourth birthday.

He bought her a pink piggy bank, and had her place a crisp one-dollar bill in the slot at the top. He told her that by "saving your pennies" (Lindsey loves to collect things) she could collect enough money to buy something she wanted like that new soccer ball, and perhaps put a portion in the church collection to help those less fortunate. "And if you save for a long, long time, you could one day buy your own car or even help pay for college!" dad exclaimed.

Well Lindsey was ecstatic, both at the sight of her gift and the thought of having some guided authority on what to do with it. (We neglected to tell her she needs to be 17 before she can even think about driving.) "Wow! Thank you, Dad," she stated with a hug and a kiss. Unknowingly, Lindsey was thanking dad for a whole lot more: her first life lesson on the value of saving and investing for the future.

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