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The Women's & Multicultural


Our original research and thought leadership provide vital insights into important issues for our clients, financial professionals, policymakers, and the general public.

Total Market Approach: Opportunities to Expand your Business with Diverse Customers

Diverse consumers are the emerging force in America today, a trend set in motion by explosive population growth and expanded buying power in the multi-trillion-dollar range. Read more.
May, 2017

Hispanic Consumer Market: Solutions to Help Improve Your Financial Wellness

For Hispanics, the disconnect with financial planning is largely rooted in lack of awareness and familiarity. Essential questions about financial wellness were asked during the DiMe/Prudential five-city #WomenInspired tour of Latina influencers in 2016. Read more.
May, 2017

Financial Tips and Clicks

Financial tips for your everyday life. Read more.
May, 2017

Key Insights for Marketing to the Black Consumer Segment

Integrating multicultural insights into our marketing and sales strategies is critical to maintaining a competitive standing in the marketplace.
January, 2015