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Private Exchanges - An Employer View

A Research Brief from Prudential Group Insurance

Most industry reports and analysts agree that the adoption of private exchanges is growing - even if they differ on the rate of that growth. To gauge how private exchanges are viewed in the benefits marketplace, Prudential Group Insurance surveyed over 800 decision makers who have some level of familiarity with exchanges.

Through this research, the following key points emerged:

  1. Cost continues to drive decision-making in all aspects of employee benefits.
  2. Private exchanges are a hot topic for employers, but raise more questions than answers at this time.
  3. Controlling costs and expanding employee choice motivate likely adopters.
  4. Employee perception and employer lack of knowledge are the biggest barriers to private exchange adoption for those not likely to adopt.
  5. Likely adopters want long-term cost containment and easy-to-use, secure platforms.
  6. Employee-related criteria are important considerations for evaluating the use of private exchanges.
  7. Employers will rely heavily on their advisors to evaluate private exchange options and provide support through all stages of decision-making, implementation, and deployment.

Download Private Exchanges - An Employer View (PDF) for more information.




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