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Financial Freedom Movement
Take A Step Toward Financial Independence

Our original research and thought leadership provide vital insight into issues facing our clients. Below are useful video for tackling everyday financial issues.

What's the Value of a Financial Professional - Do I Actually Need One?

There are so many of us who live in the moment rather than thinking about the future. Some of our self talk includes: "I'm not going to grow old." "Why not spend the money I earn?" "I deserve to pamper myself." That's all well and good, until you want to buy a home, start a family or build a new business. Do you have any idea how to fund these ventures? Check out this video.

I Rise

At Prudential, our culture of diversity and inclusion allows us to face different challenges and drive innovation in a meaningful way. We understand the value of partnering with financial professionals to help meet the financial needs of diverse market segments. This video demonstrates the purchasing power of a multi-ethnic and multicultural populace to elevate the impact of America's shifting demographics. Prudential is committed to providing education, tools and resources to help better serve these markets.

Protecting the Work of a Lifetime - Pointers for Business Owners and Individuals

Building wealth isn't easy. But it can be even harder to keep it. In this panel discussion, three financial professionals explain everything from starting a business to money management and succession planning. In the end, devising a plan and putting it into action may be the most crucial job of all. Hear what they are saying in this video.

I Might Live How long?

It can be hard to imagine yourself in the future. Here, behavioral expert and professor Dan Gilbert helps us understand what to expect, and why it creates some new challenges for retirement.

Megahit TV writer and producer Mara Brock Akil gets real about early financial lessons that have molded her

Akil shares how she sustained herself financially before hitting the big leagues and why those early choices about money paved the way for her success. Her financial role models-her mom and grandmother. Watch the Black Enterprise video.