The Interview Process

If you're considering a future with us, here's how the interview process generally works:
  1. You apply for a specific position through your campus career services office or job-posting service.
  2. A Prudential hiring manager will review the submitted resume and make selections for on-campus interviews, in accordance with the career services office timelines.
  3. You select an on-campus interview* time slot.
  4. The majority of Prudential business groups will host an information session the evening before any on-campus interviews.
  5. After your on-campus interview, the business groups make their selection of candidates to invite for an on-site interview.
  6. A member of Prudential's Staffing team will send you an application (electronically) for you to complete and bring to your on-site interview.
  7. You will undergo an on-site interview that consists of business group-specific overviews and/or multiple interviews (the number varies by business group).
  8. The business group will make its preliminary decisions and offers in the fall, and communicate them to Staffing.
  9. If you are selected, a member of Staffing will extend an offer to you (via telephone) some time in the fall.
  10. If you are not selected, you will receive an appropriate notification letter in the mail.
  11. This same process occurs with our spring recruiting cycle.
* If Prudential is not conducting on-campus interviews at your school, then the first interview may be conducted via telephone.

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